• Matt Lazewski

    Matt Lazewski

    Rookie coder trying to find my way into the tech world.

  • Laura Harston

    Laura Harston

    I’m Laura, an aspiring front end developer. I love fashion, indie music, photography, and of course good food.

  • Lubomir Herko

    Lubomir Herko

    FullStack developer. #ror, #js

  • Jean-Paul Bourdon

    Jean-Paul Bourdon

  • Alagie Nget

    Alagie Nget

  • Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

    Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

    Frontend Software Engineer ♦ Developer Advocate ♦ SEO & Web Performance Expert ♦ Content Writer ♦ My Favorite Tech Stack: React / Next.js at Vercel

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